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    Forum rules.

    1. General rules 1.1 Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for their violation. 1.2 Administrators reserve the right to make any changes to the rules of the forum, without notifying users. 1.3 Administrators are not responsible for everything you have posted on forum, you (author of post or topic) are personally responsible for that. 1.4 All the information, published on the forum is not a call to action. 1.5 Administrators reserve the right to disregard the forum rules. 1.6 Administrators reserve the rule to ban any user without explanation. 1.7 Administrators can limit member’s access to any section of the forum at any time without explanation. 1.8 Administrators can ask member to pass verification via PM on the other forums at any time. 1.9 Administrator is not responsible for the actions of moderators, moderators are appointed by general voting, guarantors are responsible for moderator. 2. It is forbidden 2.1 It is forbidden to post users’ personal information: name, addresses, phone numbers, banking accounts, card numbers, and numbers of wallets of payment systems etc. 2.2 It is forbidden to advertise any service without agreement of administrators and paying status: “Vendor”** 2.3 It is forbidden to advertise in signatures/avatars, if you were not verified by administrators and not received the “Vendor/Seller”** status. 2.4 It is forbidden to publish your contacts in a distorted form. 2.5 It is forbidden to register more than one nickname. If you are signing up repeatedly after the ban or receiving the negative status, you will be banned, money, invested in guarantee is not refundable. * 2.6 It is forbidden to distribute advertising and other information by spamming in PM to all the users, also it’s forbidden to publish the same advertising in few forum sections. ** 2.7 It is forbidden to register nicknames, similar to the nicknames of already registered users. 2.8 It is forbidden to use website names and weird combinations of symbols/letters/digits in nicknames. 2.9 It is forbidden to advertise third party resources (even in signature!). 2.10 It is forbidden to use swear words addressed to users. 2.11 It is forbidden to update the topics more than one time per week. 2.12 It is forbidden to publish another’s articles from your name. 2.13 It is forbidden to take away from forum any information (to make screenshots, copy pages, grant access to your account to other people, to show forum to others via programs like teamviewer etc).* 2.14 It is forbidden to work and discuss the work in countries of former USSR and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). * 2.15 It is forbidden to publish copyright software without the permission of author. 2.16 It is forbidden to publish copyright articles without the permission of author. 2.17 It is forbidden to use certificates and accounts of other members, also to give access to your account to third party person; you will be immediately banned for it. 2.18 It is forbidden to discuss/demand/sell drugs and psychotropic drugs, military weapons. 2.19 It is forbidden to create POLLS about services like: “Do we need such service? etc”. ** 2.20 It is forbidden to publish posts using fonts of different colors, except the articles or part of the text, which need to be punctuated. 2.21 It is forbidden to write pointless messages, to conduct a conversation on topics not related to the topic name. 2.22 It is forbidden to post advertisements about purchasing/sale/exchange/services in main sections of forum. For the one-time ads there is a subsection for commercial ads in each section (One-time offers “Purchasing/Sale/Exchange/Services”). ** 2.23 It is forbidden to sell different shops, schemes without preliminary check by administrators. 2.24 It is forbidden to try to hack forum or circumvent any restrictions imposed by administrators. * 2.25 It is forbidden to ask other members to provide you information, to which you have no access. ** 2.26 It is forbidden to sell topics about earning. 2.27 It is forbidden to leak the forum (to copy pages, texts, pictures, published on forum).* 3. Penalties for not following the rules 3.1 Oral warning (it is imposed at the discretion of the administrator / moderator / arbitrator). 3.2 Negative status. 3.3 Ban. 3.4 Fine (it is imposed at the discretion of the administrator). 3.5 Every member has a string “Violations: 0” in his profile. By default the value is “0”, if you will violate the rules, you will get value “-1”, if you will violate the rules again, you will get “-2”. After third violation the value will be “-3” and the member will be banned, wherein the money, invested as guarantee will not be refunded! Ban removal is only possible after paying the $50 of fine. If you violated the rules one time, you can remove violation, paying $20 for it. 3.6 If you have forgotten the secret phrase and after 5 erroneous attempts to enter the secret phrase you were automatically banned (or just forgotten the secret phrase), then ban removal or recovery costs $30, and we have to check you profiles on other forum boards. 3.7 Removal of the “RIPPER” status – $100 + full repayment of your financial obligations. 4. Additional rules for VENDORS 4.1 It is allowed to place one time ads of sale and purchase. 4.2 It is forbidden to place SEVICES (ATM cards, wallets of payment systems, downloads, traffic, bank accounts, CCs, dumps, documents, software, hosting, call service, withdrawal, drop service, buying up, affiliate programs etc) without approval of the administration. 4.3 Every member, representing his service on the board, has to pass a check and get the status of Vendor. 5 Rules of the forum sections – one time ads of sale and purchase In the topic you have to clearly state: 1 Subject of sale with full description 2 Price, contacts (ICQ, Jabber, PM) 3 Immediately state, how you are ready to work (prepay, protection, guarantor) It is allowed to publish only one time ads. If you want to sell something on a permanent basis, you have to pass a check and get the status of Vendor. 6. Rules of the ARBITRAITION section 6.1 When you are writing a claim, it is necessary to state: 6.1.1 The amount of fraud. 6.1.2 Maximally clearly state the essence of the claim. 6.1.3 Publish logs, screenshots of money transactions. 6.1.4 Contact info of person, which you are complaining of (icq, wmid, JID, email, profiles on the other boards) 6.2 It is strongly forbidden: 6.2.1 To publish personal info (real name, address, passport information, phone number etc) 6.2.2 To create topics without evidence of fraud / bunko. 6.3 Fines: 6.3.1 If the complainant writes a claim and in the proceedings it appears, that the claim is not justified or there is a slander or libel, then complainant has to pay 10% of the claimed amount of fraud during three calendar days. 6.3.2 If the defendant agrees with claim or arbitration render its decision not in favor of the defendant, the defendant has to pay commission in the amount of 10% of the sum of claim during three calendar days. 6.3.3 However, the defendant has the right to recover the sum that equals the sum of claim or less from the complainant, if the claim will be refused by arbitrator, complainant has to pay the amount requested by the defendant during 10 calendar days. If complainant refuses to pay, he will status and will become banned. 6.4 It is forbidden to discuss the decision of arbitrator, if you want to challenge the arbitrator’s decision, write directly to the administrator. 7. Registration of new members To sign up with КОРОВКА.СС you have to provide the next info: • Profiles on the other forum boards registered not less than six month ago (direct links to the profiles). • If you are the vendor, submit links to your topics with reviews (or without them). • Nicknames of guarantors (2 guarantors at our forum board) • Your guarantors have to create a thread about your registration • Registration fee isn’t charged! 7.1 Financial responsibility of guarantors: if the member, vouched for you, will get proven claim, or member will leak the information from forum etc, guarantor is obliged to pay the injured party or to forum fund (depending on the situation) one time sum in amount of $60 during 5 calendar days from the moment, when vouched member got the “RIPPER” status, then you will not be permitted to be a guarantor for new members. Each member can be a guarantor no more than three times. 7.2 One can vouch for new members only once every 3 month, member, that vouched for bilk is not able to vouch for new members anymore (Light members do not have the right to be a guarantor). 7.3 If the guarantor does not pay $60 to injured party during 5 calendar days, that member will be banned. 7.4 Only members registered more than 6 month ago can be guarantors. 8. Account recovery 8.1 If the member is not active more than six months, he automatically gets banned. To recover account, member has to pass a check via PM on the other forum boards, also two actual members have to vouch for him, or member has to invest money in guarantee ($60 = 1 guarantor). 8.2 Member can report about his absence, in that case his account will be banned, in status will be “absent till __.__.20__” (no more than 3 moths), if upon expiration member does not appear, recovery is as described in paragraph 8.1. 8.3 Member can recover his account on the forum without guarantors and without investing in guarantee, but he must provide profiles at other forum boards and pass a check via PM, in this case member will be recovered as Light Member (account with limited rights), rules of full restoration are described in paragraph 8.1. 9. “VENDOR” status 9.1 Status exists throughout the period of paid term, after that Vendor can extend status or abandon it. 9.2 You can refuse the status of vendor at any time, but money paid for the period of advertising can’t be refunded. You can extend you status in future for unused time. 9.3 If there will be a lot of negative claims with proofs of inconsistency of the service or with proofs of unexecuted obligations by service, administrators reserve the right to close the service. 9.4 Administrators reserve the rule to close any service at any time without explanation. 9.5 Vendor must have deposit, prescribed in paragraph 9.8, in some cases administration can require the insurance amount, which is not reflected in the deposit. 9.6 Vendor can make an additional deposit in guarantee (any amount), deposit is returned exactly in 30 calendar days, after the request for returning the deposit, but not earlier, than the paid advertising term will end. 9.7 Administration reserves the right to demand from any Vendor any guarantees at its discretion. 9.8 There are obligatory minimum deposits for all the vendors: Цитата: Payment systems and cashing – from $500 to $3000 Banks and money transfers – from $500 to $3000 Private information – from $500 to $1000 Bookmaker’s offices, casino, auctions –$500 Stuff carding – from $1000 to $5000 Real carding and documents – from $1000 to $2000 Hacking – from $500 Security and anonymity – from $500 Calls, SMS, translations – from $500 Botnets, coding, software – from $500 to $1500 Spam, downloads, traffic, hosting, VDS – $500 Affilate programs, billings, design, SEO - $500 Dating, scam - $500 Amateur Radio and phreaking - $500 10. Upgrading from Light to Member There are two ways to upgrade from Light to Member: First way – investing in guarantee fund: To invest in guarantee ($120) you have to contact with administrator by JID: support@korovka.top Second way – to find two guarantors: If you have two guarantors: First guarantor creates a thread, named: “Upgrade to Member (your nickname)”. In the thread guarantor points a link to your profile at this forum, links to your profiles on similar forums, points your contacts: ICQ, JUD. Then he writes that he vouches for you and ready to be financially responsible for your actions. Second guarantor writes in created thread, that he vouches for you and ready to be financially responsible for your actions. WARNING! Light members do not have the right to vouch! --- * - you will get lifetime ban for violation ** - you will get 1-60-days ban for violation --- In the case, if member invested in guarantee and wants to leave the forum (to withdraw additional deposit), he writes about it to administrator, receives a ban on his own (if he wants to withdraw additional deposit, its amount is deducted from profile), in 30 days he receives money back, on condition that during that time he will not receive any claims or leak the information. Refund can be required not earlier than in 3 month after registration. коровка кардинг форум If the member receives ban for violation of rules, invested in guarantee money remain in the fund of forum.
  2. Гарант-сервис korovka.top(.name) работает только с BitCoin'ами. Пополняйте только на BitCoin кошелек указанный в топике! Мы за кардинг без предоплаты. Все общение с Гарантом форума идет только в топике. Гарант форума никогда не пишет вам первый. Гарант работает только с виртуальными сделками. Итак, принцип действия сервиса: 1. Стороны обговаривают между собой условия сделки и связываются с гарантом. 2. Все детали сделки сообщаются гаранту обеими сторонами. 3. Покупатель переводит оговоренную сумму на кошелёк Гаранта с учётом процента гаранта (5% минимум $5). 4. Гарант подтверждает продавцу поступление средств. 5. Продавец отправляет товар покупателю. 6. Получив товар, покупатель сам оценивает присланный продавцом товар и сообщает о результатах гаранту. 7. Гарант в свою очередь в случаи положительного результата со стороны покупателя переводит деньги продавцу. 8. Если одна из сторон не довольна результатами сделки создается топик в разделе Арбитраж в котором происходит слушание дела, после чего арбитр форума выносит решение в пользу покупателя или продавца. Форма обращения к гаранту за оказанием услуги: Цитата: Привет, нужен гарант для сделки: Покупаю\продаю: семечки Сумма сделки: 275 wmz Покупатель\продавец: Семен из соседнего подъезда (указываете жаббер или аську) Условия сделки: договрились о передаче семечек поштучно, в течении 7 лет... Связь с гарантом: garant@korovka.top ГАРАНТ РАБОТАЕТ ТОЛЬКО С ЗАРЕГИСТРИРОВАННЫМИ НА ФОРУМЕ МЕМБЕРАМИ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------